Alpha Epsilon Pi History  

The Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity was founded underneath Washington Square Arch at New York University on November 7, 1913.  The 11 young Jewish men who came together to found AEPi became known as the "Immortal Eleven". The "Immortal Eleven" were Charles C. Moskowitz, David K. Schafer, Isador M. Glazer, Herman L. Kraus, Arthur E. Leopold, Benjamin M. Meyer, Arthur M. Lipkint, Charles J. Pintel, Maurice Plager, Hyman Schulman, and Emil Lustgarten.  Currently, there are over 186 active chapters across the world and this number continues to grow.

National Mission Statement:  Our basic purpose is to provide the opportunity for a Jewish man to be able to join a Jewish organization whose purpose is not specifically religious, but rather social and cultural in nature. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a Jewish fraternity and brotherhood in Alpha Epsilon Pi is open to all who are willing to espouse its values and mission.

Colors:  Gold & Blue

Mascot:  Lion

Flower:  Fleur-de-lis

Notable Alumni:  Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Lewis, Wolf Blitzer, Gene Wilder, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Scott Rogowsky, Hoodie Allen, and many more.

Gamma Chi Chapter

The Gamma Chi Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Pi was founded at the University of South Carolina in 2007 and chartered in 2010 by a group of 14 founding fathers.  These founding fathers were Brett Goldfine, Evan Lowsky, Dan Jacobs, Joel Levinson, Miguel Berg, Cory Craig, Jonathan Zilber, John Bolt, Matt Ungar, Ben Salton, Justin Schlacterman, Rob Snyder, Moises Lecter, and David Singer.


Brotherhood as of Spring 2019

S Carolina U-Columbia - AEpPi - 19 - 2019-04-16

"Leadership, life lessons not taught in the classroom, and Carolina Pride all anchored by honesty, integrity and mutual respect....these are among the embedded key core values of the young men of Alpha Epsilon Pi at The University of South Carolina."  

-Joshua Frank, Chapter Advisor