Away Weekends

Each semester, our chapter and their dates spend the weekend at either a beach, mountain, or lake.  The activities vary slightly at each venue but each is a weekend full of bonding for the brotherhood.  Most recently, our chapter has traveled to Flat Rock, North Carolina for Lake Weekend, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Beach Weekend, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee for Mountain Weekend. 

Beach Weekend 2019




Every spring, our chapter travels to a different city to host a formal.  This special away weekend consists of the entire brotherhood and their dates attending a venue for one night and spending the rest of the weekend participating in activities related to the specific city.  The most recent formal locations have been in Jacksonville, Charleston, and Savannah.




Every year, some brothers from our chapter attend the South Regional Conclave for Alpha Epsilon Pi chapters.  The purpose of this regional AEPi conference is to build cross-chapter connections between brothers as well as to help each chapter improve their fraternity operations. Different southern AEPi chapters host this conference each year with some of the more recent ones being hosted by  the University of Georgia in Athens and the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.


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Tailgates are a huge part of football at the University of South Carolina. Our chapter tailgates in the Fraternity Lots along with the majority of other fraternities.  Each tailgate brings out the current brotherhood, our alumni, as well as hundreds of other college students.